Las Vegas Vaca

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Matt and Susan had been married for 3 years, work was going well, their love and sex lives were wonderful. It was getting to be autumn and they were thinking of taking a vacation, someplace fun and exciting, “How about Vegas?”, Susan asked. “Sounds good.” said Matt, “I’ll call the travel bureau and see what they have.” Matt called they next day and was surprised to find a fabulous deal at a great hotel and in just 3 weeks away. Matt called Susan and told her the news, she agreed and the plans were set into place. Some last minute shopping for a few new outfits, and some lingerie, for Susan and the ball was rolling. Before Susan left the lingerie shop an outfit caught her eye, she decided to try it on, perfect! Susan had a great shape on a 5’6” frame. 36C breasts that stood firm and proud, great legs and an ass to die for, firm and round. Susan and Matt had been talking during sex about a fantasy to have her strip in an amature night at a strip club, their vacation in Vegas just might be the perfect time to do this, she bought the outfit and a pair of stripper heels to go with it.

After dinner that night, Matt made them some cocktails and Susan went to change clothes, she was dying to show Matt her ‘special’ outfit. When she returned to the living room, Matt took one look at her and got an instant erection, full blown. Susan took one look at his crotch and said, “I see you approve.” Susan explained what the outfit was for and Matt lit up like a Christmas tree. The thought of her dancing naked in front of a bunch of guys excited him completely. They even picked out some of her jewelry to complete the outfit and that part of the plans were set. The couple decided to leave on a Saturday morning on a plane, stay in Vegas for 6 days and 7 nights and return home the following Saturday. The date for leaving came along and off to the airport they went.

Upon arriving at the airport they checked their baggage, with the exception of one carry-on bag each. They decided to have a cocktail in the airport lounge before boarding the plane, after all, they were on vacation. Their flight was called and they boarded the plane. The flight out was uneventful and pretty smooth, a great way to begin their week. They landed in Vegas and caught a bus to the car rental, got their rental car and headed off to their hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel they immediately unpacked, Susan checked her outfit and decide it could use a good steaming to get rid of any wrinkles. Matt ordered a bottle of champagne and they sat out on their balcony to enjoy it once the bottle of bubbly came. After they finished the champagne they decided to go down to the hotel pool, Susan put on her new bikini, a thong bikini, Susan figured they wouldn’t know anyone there so what the hell. She put on a bathing suit wrap and the two headed for the pool.

Once arriving at the pool they found a couple of lounge chairs and broke out the tanning lotion, Susan removed her wrap and gained immediate attention from all of the men around the pool. Matt looked around and thought, “Yep, that amature strip show was going to be great!” They stretched out on the lounge chairs and took turns putting tanning lotion on each other. Susan was laying on her back and soaked up some sun. It was a pretty hot day for October and they both were sweating pretty hard. After a while Susan turne over to sun her back. She laid there for a time and Matt looked over to notice drops of perspiration forming on her, some of which were on her butt. He was watching one drop in particular that formed close to her butt crack and eventually started to ru down her butt between her cheeks. As it started rolling slowly down between her butt cheeks he found himself getting aroused and a tent started to form in his swimsuit. He wasn’t paying attention to his swimsuit until a young woman walked past their position and she smiled and giggled as she walked by, staring at his crotch. He looked around and decided, what the hell, nobody knows me out here. They continued to lay there a while longer and Susan raised up on her arms and looked over at her husband, also noticing his ‘condition’. She smiled and suggested that maybe they should head back upstairs where she could take care of his predicament, Matt was happy to cooperate.
Matt held a towel in front of his waist as they walked through the lobby and to the elevators. Once on the elevator Susan felt a little playful and kept pulling the towel away from him. Matt decided to play along when all of a sudden the elevator stopped and an older couple got on. The woman took one look at Matt’s crotch and her eyes opened wide, breaking out into a broad smile. She winked at Susan and told her, “lucky girl.” Susan laughed out loud and they continued their ride to the proper floor before getting off the elevator. As they exited the elevator the woman smiled at them and told Susan, “have fun!” Susan smiled and thought to herself, “I will.” They both laughed and entered their room, where the door was still closing when the two began to strip so that they could enjoy the moment. Susan was a fond lover of oral sex and it was definitely her forte. She wasted no time at dropping to her knees and taking Matt’s member into her mouth, she began sucking him in earnest. Matt couldn’t help but to start pumping his hips along with her sucking, driving his cock deep into her mouth and throat. She was sucking him so hard and deep that he figured he wouldn’t be able to hold out more than a couple of minutes, he was right. Susan was pulling his hips tightly into her mouth as she sucked him hard. Matt blew his load into her throat with a loud growl, Susan took every last drop and swallowed it all. She cleaned his cock up before standing upright and looking him in the eye before saying, “my turn.”

Matt moved her slowly over to the bed, kissing her forcefully the entire way. He laid her back on the bed gently, her legs hanging over the edge. He rocked her legs back and pushed them alongside her head, then lowered his head between her thighs and licked her deep, running his tongue the length of her slit. As he licked and sucked he would pause at her clit to run his tongue around her nub and suck on it a bit before continuing running his tongue the length of her slit. She started to squirm and her juices began flowing, harder and harder. She reached down and grabbed the back of his head and ground her hips into his mouth, moaning loudly, before finally announcing, “I’m gonna CCUUUUUUMMMMMMMM!” She bucked and bucked and came in his mouth for a good 30 seconds before falling limp on the bed. After they both recovered they got up off the bed and went into the bathroom to shower. Once showered they got dressed and headed out to dinner. After dinner they investigated strip clubs around town to find which one they both liked and would try for the amature night. They checked out several before deciding on one that they both liked and felt comfortable with.


The place seamed clean and fairly well lit. The clientele didn’t seem to be rowdy or nasty and there was a fairly decent sized stage, with 2 dance poles. Amature night wasn’t until Thursday so they had time to prepare what she would dance to and where Matt would be seated to gain the best viewing angle. Matt had also picked up a small digital camera so that he could take some pictures of the event without Susan knowing about them. They stayed and watched a few dancers and even got to talk with one of them that came over to their table and asked if they would like a private dance. Before Susan could react Matt said, “yes, for both of us.” Susan looked a little startled but went along with it as they walked to a private room for their dance. “Erika”, had them sit down a little apart from each other and started dancing once the music started. Erika moved to the music and was quite flexible, grinding and shaking her ass and pussy very close to Matt’s face and lap. When she was done she started on the next song with Susan, getting even closer to Susan’s face than she did with Matt. Susan could swear that she could even small Erika’s pussy juices when suddenly Erika ground her pussy right into Susan’s face. Susan wasn’t sure what to do at first but then decided to just go with it and started eating, licking, and sucking her pussy, to Erika’s enjoyment. Matt was getting really turned on watching them. After the dance Matt told her to continue on with another song, Erika was more than happy to agree with the request. As Susan was licking her pussy, Erika slid Susan’s skirt up, exposing her panties, which Erika promptly removed, to gain access to Susan’s pussy. Erika started eating Susan wildly while Susan opened her legs to almost completely wide open. It didn’t take long at all for both girls to be brought to fever pitch and cum in each other’s mouths.
After the dance the trio went back out to their table, Matt was so hard that he made a tent in his pants that could be seen in the dimly lit room from across the whole club, he didn’t care a bit. The three of them sat and talked and Susan asked her questions, gaining knowledge for the amature contest. They discovered that the top prize was $1000, well worth a good effort. They sat and watched a couple of more dancers before leaving and heading back to their hotel to do a little gambling. Once back at the casino Susan played the slot machines while Matt went off to play BlackJack. The gambling went on pretty slow until Susan hit a $1000 jackpot, followed by 2-$250 jackpots. Matt wasn’t fairing as well and decided to switch to roulette, where he started winning a decent night’s amount of money. It was getting pretty late, or should I say early, when they decided to head on up to their room. It wasn’t until they were on the elevator that it dawned on Susan that she had left her panties at the strip club. Matt reached into his jacket pocket and pulled them out, laughing. Susan had been walking around and gambling while the whole time going commando. Susan couldn’t believe that she had gotten so turned on by Erika that she completely forgot her panties, not that there was much to them anyway. She blushed and started laughing, while Matt brought them to his nose and took in the scent from her pussy, and smiled slyly. Once they got back to their room they once again stripped and began with round 2 (*DING*).
The couple went at it until the early morning hours once again, hey, they’re on vacation, before passing out over each other. One thing they were not going to go home as was with a pent up sex drive. The next day was spent sightseeing the area surrounding Las Vegas. Late in the afternoon they decided to stop for a late lunch at a sports bar/restaurant they came across. The two enjoyed a couple of cocktails while awaiting their lunch to be delivered to their table. As they drank, they talked and looked around noticing an adult bookstore and novelty shop across the street from the restaurant, they decided they would investigate it after lunch. They were through eating and Susan excused herself to use the restroom before leaving, while Matt paid the check. They climbed in their car and drove across the street to the bookstore, parked their car and went inside. The store was vacant except for a young woman behind the sales counter, she wore very revealing clothing and had several erotic tattoos covering her arms and breasts. The woman smiled warmly and said hello, then asked them if they were looking for anything in particular. Susan began looking at DVD’s but wasn’t sure about any of them, judging solely by the box cover. Susan asked if the woman knew anything about them, the woman replied that they had viewing booths and that Susan could simply give her the numbers on the back of the packaging and pay $1 each to view a short sampling of the movie. Susan found several that looked interesting and paid the woman $4 to watch them. The woman then showed Susan to the viewing booths in the back.
Susan quickly found that the booths were mostly occupied, why the store had seemed empty when they entered. They finally found an empty booth and the woman showed Susan how they worked, brushing against her as she showed her. The young woman felt very muscular and athletic, as well as well endowed. Susan also noticed that she wore very short and tight cotton knit shorts that showed a generous amount of cheek. Her top displayed her tattoos as well as her generous and firm breasts. She smelled very good and was also cool to the touch. Susan thanked her and before the woman left her she gave Susan a firm but gentle squeeze on her right butt cheek. Susan didn’t know what to make of it but also didn’t mind it. The woman told Susan that her name was Veronica, Ronnie for short, and that if she needed anything else to just push the red button and she could speak to Ronnie over the intercom. Susan felt her crotch getting damp as she had removed her panties while in the restroom at the restaurant. Her shorts were snug but not tight, pink, and very form-fitting and very sexy. She wore a white halter top that framed her breasts nicely and had a deep V front that showed a generous amount of cleavage. She also wore a pair of open toed sandals with 3” heels that helped to shape her bare legs. She was sure that Ronnie had picked up on everything, save the absence of panties. Little did she know that the reason Ronnie gave her ass the squeeze was to find out if she was wearing any panties. Susan began watching the videos, not very interesting, until she came to the third one. As she was watching a young and beautiful woman sucking a young man with a huge cock she began to get wetter and wetter. She found herself reaching between her legs and massaging her shaved pussy and clit. Suddenly the video stopped and there was nothing. Susan waited a minute and then pressed the red button, Ronnie answered and Susan explained that the video simply stopped for no apparent reason, Ronnie told her that she would be right there. A few seconds later Ronnie entered the booth and closed the door behind her. She moved around in front of Susan and reached to an area in front of where Susan was sitting, reaching between Susan’s legs and toward a panel cover that she opened and reached inside of, fiddling with switches inside. Ronnie was bent over deeply and in the process of reaching had put her face within inches of Susan’s breasts, Susan became very excited and her breathing became quick and shallow. Ronnie noticed the difference in Susan’s breathing and looked up at her, smiling. Ronnie then leaned into Susan and took her left breast into her mouth. Susan gasped and a jolt of sexual electricity shot through her body. Ronnie retreated, but just enough to catch Susan’s top with her nose and push it out of the way, leaving Ronnie an unobstructed opening to suck on Susan’s bare breast, Susan shuddered and reached her left hand behind Ronnie’s head and pulled it tightly to her chest. Ronnie sucked expertly at Susan’s nipple and areola driving Susan crazy. Ronnie then removed her hand from inside the panel and placed it on Susan’s left thigh, sliding it up and under her shorts to her hot and waiting pussy. Ronnie quickly found her way into Susan’s inner sex.
Susan opened her legs as wide as she could, giving Ronnie as much opening as she possibly could, Ronnie made good use of the opening. Matt had gotten curious as to what had happened to his wife and had also noticed the sales woman disappear into the back room, so he went to investigate. He moved slowly along the dimly lit corridor before coming to a door that had some very interesting moans coming from inside, he recognised his wife’s voice immediately. Not wanting to intrude on his wife’s pleasure he slowly backed away and returned to the front of the store. Several minutes later the young woman returned to the store front, smelling of sex. Matt simply smiled at her and she returned his smile. He was so close to her that he was certain he could smell his wife’s pussy juices on her face. Minutes later Susan returned to the store front, her inner thighs looking like a glazed doughnut, and Susan smiling broadly. She had a phone number written on her left forearm, again Matt just smiled. Susan asked if he was ready to go, he answered yes and both of them told Ronnie goodbye before walking out the door to their car. While walking out Matt noticed Susan’s shorts were riding up on her left side, showing her entire left cheek and her butt crack, there were no panties, he smiled again. They climbed into the car and Susan sat low in her seat, spreading her legs wide apart, she looked over at Matt and reached between her legs to rub her very wet pussy, she had this very warm smile and rolled her eyes back into her head. Matt laughed and drove away without speaking, heading for their hotel.
Once they reached their room and entered Susan quickly got undressed. She told her husband that she was too warm to wear clothes and that she was just going to go naked for a while, Matt had NO objections. Susan layed on the bed, arms and legs splayed wide open and dozed off for a short nap. Matt called down to room service and ordered a bottle of wine and some glasses. A little while later there was a knock at the door, “Room service”. Matt opened the door and the waiter pushed a cart into the room with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Susan was still lying naked on the bed and the waiter was fumbling with the corkscrew trying to get the wine bottle open. He finally managed to open the bottle and Matt signed for the wine and gave the waiter a tip. Before he left, Susan lifted her head and smiled at him and said, “thank you.” The waiter smiled a huge smile and stammered out, “yyyyyou’re very welcome Mam, have a nice day.” After he left Matt and Susan had a good laugh. Susan told Matt how their trip to the bookstore went and Matt listened intently, as his cock began to stiffen and make a tent in his pants. Susan looked at his crotch and said, “come here, let me take care of that for ya.” Matt was quick to oblige. Susan’s oral abilities were phenomenal and it didn’t take long before he was shooting rope after rope of cum down her throat. He was so turned on that he remained hard as steel even after his huge orgasm. Susuan smiled and said, “Well now, what do you think we should do about this?” Matt grinned and gently rolled her over and started to massage her ass. Susan said, “Okay, but you’d better use plenty of lube.” Matt grabbed the bottle in the night stand drawer, he had remembered to bring it along. First he laid down with his chest between her thighs and his face buried in her ass, and began to lick her crack from her pussy to her ass hole, concentrating heavily on her ass hole. He knew how it drove Susan crazy but then, that’s the exact effect he was looking for. Before long he had her ass and pussy soaking wet and began sliding his middle finger in her hole. Susan moaned and squirmed a bit, shifting her weight from side to side, then lifted her face off the pillow and took in a deep breath. Matt slid in a second finger and started working them in and out, bringing her closer to a climax with each stroke, she began moaning louder now. He used his free hand to squirt some lube on her ass hole and slid in a third finger, working it in and out and bringing her to a fever pitch. Matt slid up onto his knees and grabbed the bottle of lube, squirting a generous amount on his engorged cock, then rubbed it in coating his member generously. He lowered himself onto Susan’s ass and directed his stiff cock toward her hole, it started sliding right in. He could not remember fucking her ass before when he met with such little resistance, she must be really turned on, he thought to himself.
Susan didn’t even bury her face in the pillow, but rather turned it to the side and let out a great sigh and smiled. He slid his cock all the way in without trouble, until he was balls deep in her ass. When he bottomed out he stopped and paused for a moment. Then he withdrew his cock until just the head was still in her ass, with one smooth thrust he pushed all the way in again. Susan showed no signs of pain or wanting to stop so he began finding a rhythm to his strokes and with each one went balls deep and withdrew just to the head before entering her again. He started to speed up his rhythm, little by little, soon he was pounding his cock into Susan’s ass with everything he had. Susan was panting heavily now, and moaning out of control. He could tell by her panting and moans that she was nearing orgasm, she yelled out, “Whatever you do, don’t stop!” That drove Matt on even harder, he absolutely loved to satisfy his wife. He continued his hard thrusts and quick pace for another couple of minutes. Suddenly Susan yelled out, “I’m gonna cum!” Then she let out a scream and shuddered, releasing a flood of juices from her pussy and her ass. Just then Matt started to feel his balls tighten and boil over as he shot another load, deep in her ass. They didn’t have mutual orgasms often, but when they did…Matt dropped on top of Susan and just laid there for a minute or two, his cock still impaled in her ass. Finally he pulled out and his cock made a popping sound. He rolled over next to Susan letting his hand and arm drape over onto her back, her ass was still gaped open from his cock. They were both spent and very satisfied, they drifted off to sleep together.
After they woke up they went into the bathroom for a shower, Susan
wrapped a towel around her to dry off and went out to sit in the room, naked. Matt wrapped his towel around himself and stepped out into the room to find Susan sitting in a chair, her feet were propped up on the bed with her legs apart and her knees bent. Matt took one look at her and said, “Stay like that and we’ll NEVER leave the room.” Susan smiled and said, “Down boy! I still have to be able to walk, or dance, at the strip club, remember?” She thought about calling the number that Ronnie left her to take care of her husband, she was sure that he would love some strange stuff, and Ronnie DID say that she would take care of Matt too, she owed him one. Suddenly a light went on behind Susan’s eyes, what if she were to invite Ronnie to go along with them to the club on amature night? She looked over at Matt and excitedly put the question out to him, while feeling her pussy starting to get wet once again. Matt thought it was a great idea, after all, she was a pretty hot looking girl, maybe Matt could get a piece, he thought. Susan called Ronnie to ask her if she would be interested in going along with them to the club. Ronnie sounded excited and said that she was hoping she would hear back from the couple, she had been feeling horny as hell since they played together at the bookstore. Ronnie told Susan that she lived close to the club and she would just meet them there. Susan agreed and they both hung up, Matt lit up like a kid at Christmas. They agreed to meet up at 9 pm, at the Gentleman’s Club. The amature contest starts at 9:30, so they would have time to get acquainted and have a couple of drinks before the show started. The outfit that Susan had picked out was a naughty school girl outfit. It had a plain white crop top that tied in front, a short plaid accordion pleated skirt that barely covered her ass, a pair of white thigh high nylons with a black bow at the top of each, and her 3” white platform (stripper) heels. She contemplated wearing the matching plaid hair bows to hold her hair into ponytails and decided that they made the outfit complete. She also wore a somewhat sheer g-string under the skirt, just barely covering her shaved pussy, Matt’s favorite part. She wore a long jacket over the outfit so that people wouldn’t stare as they walked out of the hotel, well, the men still stared. Matt was almost having a difficult time walking because of his erection, it made a huge tent in the front of his pants that was VERY noticeable. Just to make it fun and interesting, Susan would occasionally reach over and give his manhood a squeeze, and smile. The arrived at the strip club right at 8:30 and were walking in as they saw Ronnie. They exchanged greetings and walked in together, Ronnie gave Susan a look-over and smiled appreciatively, gave her a peck on the cheek and patted her ass, then reached over to Matt and gave his package a squeeze. Matt thought, “how alike these two are, they should get along just fine together.”
As they entered the club and made their way over to a table, not too far from the dance floor, Ronnie took off her jacket to reveal that she had done a little clothing shopping at the bookstore before leaving, she could have entered the contest herself. Susan removed her jacket and Matt took both of them to the coat check, when he returned Ronnie was sitting facing him, she wasn’t sitting with her legs crossed but had them slightly separated, showing her own shaved pussy, and smiling widely at Matt. Yep! It was going to be a great evening. Susan entered the contest and found out that she was 4th from last in the competition. They ordered a round of drinks and sat back to enjoy the dancers, the pros were coming out first. As the first girl came out she smiled and waved at Ronnie, it was obvious that they knew each other. As the subsequent girls came out it was plain to see that they all knew her. Matt gave Ronnie a look and Ronnie smiled saying that she used to dance there herself, and that’s why she wasn’t in the competition. A little more into the dancers and Ronnie leaned toward the table, the others met her over the table as Ronnie asked Matt, “Ever watched your wife eat another woman’s pussy before? Ever watched her get eaten by another woman while you were fucking the other woman hard?” Matt almost came right then and there. It took everything he had to restrain himself.
Susan on one side and Ronnie on the other, they both reached over and gave his genitals a loving squeeze. “Yessir, a GREAT night!”, he whispered. After the third dancer they all ordered another round of drinks. Several men were starting to stare at their little group in anticipation of things to come.
When it came time for Susan to dance, she got up and made her way to the back of the stage area. There she waited for her introduction and the spotlight to fall on her. Ronnie moved her chair closer to Matt and he put his hand on her thigh, giving it a little squeeze before sliding his hand further up her thigh. Ronnie slowly opened her legs to provide him with clearer access to her inner regions and her quickly dampening pussy lips, he slipped his fingers inside her and she broke out into a sly smile. Susan was introduced and exploded onto the stage like she did this every night. Matt was surprised by her flexibility and range of motion with her kicks and leg extensions. The crowd was cheering wildly as she swung from the dance poles and danced near the edge of the stage so the patrons could place folded dollar bills in her waistband. Barely into the first song the dollar bills turned into $5 bills, then $10’s. A tall man stood and reached forward putting a $50 into her waistband, he was looking for something extra. Ronnie slowly turned herself to face Matt better and opened her legs generously. Matt met her advancement with a deeper lunge of his hand and a deep dating of his tongue into her mouth, which was met with her own tongue. They broke their kiss to continue watching Susan, she was watching the two of them and thinking about later on, back at their hotel room. Susan continued dancing through the first song then started into the second song. This time as she danced she started to remove clothing, first her top, it came off like a whip in the air, then her skirt. She continued dancing with only her g-string and stockings remaining. Suddenly she reached to the sides of her g-string and when a loud bass drum struck in the song she pulled at the sides of the tiny panties and gave them a tug, letting them fly through the air to the man that had given her the $50 bill. She danced around naked for several minutes, until the song ended. She walked around the dance floor and picked up the money, making sure to keep her back to the audience as she bent over to pick it up, giving everyone a splendid view. She slowly made her way off the stage to the back room, where all of the girls headed to after they were through with their dance.
She was met by the owner of the club who told her that she had top honors, so far. She stood and watched the final 3 girls as the owner began playing with her ass and titts, she was getting very wet, and so was Ronnie. After the final girl had danced, and the owner was through fingering Susan to a slight fever pitch, all of the contestants walked back onto the stage. The owner would hold his hand above each contestant and the crowd would applause to show their choice of the winner, Susan won, hands down. She walked back into the back room and was again met by the owner, who had his fly open and his hard cock out. Susan immediately turned her back to him and bent over at the waist. She was entered by an 11” hard cock, one that was also very wide in it’s girth. He kept rocking, driving further into her with each stroke, until he finally bumped his cock against her cervix. He continued fucking her until he spurted a giant cum load deep into her pussy. He held her against his waist tight until he was done shooting his load. He then congratulated her for winning and gave her 10 – $100 bills. Susan smiled, thanked him for the money, and the good fucking, and started to get dressed.
Ronnie was telling Matt that the owner usually had pictures taken of the contestants and especially the winner, that’s why she hadn’t come out of the back yet. Matt was still playing with Ronnie’s pussy and didn’t seem to think anything more about it. After a couple of minutes Susan filed out of the back room and made her way over toward the table where the 3 of them had been sitting. The man that had given her the $50 bill stood in front of her to slow her down. At first she was taken aback by this, but the man simply handed her the g-string that she had tossed toward him, but only after sniffing it and smiling at her. Susan smiled at him and asked him if he was there alone, when he answered that he was she invited him over to their table, he was a very handsome man with broad shoulders and very large hands. He accepted her invitation and followed her to their table. When they reached their table they were greeted by the sight of her husband masturbating Ronnie quite vigorously. Susan introduced everyone and waited for the man to introduce himself, James, the man said boldly, Jim to my friends, please call me Jim. They all sat and had a couple of more drinks and then decided that they would all head back to the hotel room. Matt and Jim stopped off at the bar to pick up a couple of bottles of liquor and some mix, to take back up to the room. The two of them walked into an elevator and headed upstairs to the room. When they reached the room Matt knocked on the door, Susan answered the door while standing behind it, the 2 men walked inside. Once they were inside Susan closed the door, that’s when the 2 men discovered that Susan and Ronnie were completely naked. Yep! Gonna be one helluva night.
It didn’t take long for the men to decide to join the women, in their nudity.
It also didn’t take long to figure out that the men were very pleased with the women, as their straight out cocks were a dead give away. Drinks were made and handed out, a couple of these and ALL inhibitions would disappear, if there were any left as it was. Everything was progressing along easily and smoothly, then Susan bent over at the waist in front of Jim, before he could even think he moved right behind her and entered her pussy. She was warm and very wet and he was hard as steel and primed for action. Susan turned her head to look back at him and smiled then leaned back to meet his advancement. She thought for a moment and could not remember a time when she was so wet and ready for sex for such a long period of time as she was on this trip. She had more cocks, fingers, and mouths either on or in her pussy than she had ever had in the same period of time in her life and she was enjoying it. She also thought about how grateful she was that she had decided to go on the pill 6 months prior to the trip. Jim reached over and sat his glass down, grabbed ahold of Susan’s hips, and started to fuck her in earnest. Matt looked over and seeing Susan and Jim decided to join in on the fun. He turned to take Ronnie by the waist only to find her on her knees and readying to suck his cock. Ronnie drew his hips close to her face and sucked him deeply and forcefully. Matt leaned his head back and went into a trance, loving every second of it. Susan let go with a scream and shook violently as she let go of an earth shattering orgasm, Jim followed right behind. He shot what seemed to be enough cum to float a canoe before he finally started to let up. Jism was squirting out of Susan’s cunt like it was being shot out of a hose. It ran down the insides of her thighs and ran directly down onto the floor where it made a thick white puddle. His legs were wobbly but he was very proud of himself. A minute later Matt let his jism fly down Ronnie’s throat, with her swallowing to try to keep it from squirting out of her mouth. She swallowed 5 times and yet he just kept cumming. He finally halted and she swallowed one final time before looking up at him. She had tears in her eyes from almost choking on his cock and cum but smiled anyway before standing up and kissing him deeply, with his white cream still on her face and lips, Matt didn’t care. Jim and Susan laid down on one side of the bed and started fucking like crazy. Jim was driving as deep and as hard into Susan as he possibly could.
Matt sat in an armchair and Ronnie climbed on his lap, facing him, with her arms around his neck, she lowered herself onto Matt’s cock and started to fuck him as he met her downward force with his own thrusts. Before long all 4 were in the throws of raw and passionate sex. Jim was fucking Susan hard, deep, and fast, as were Ronnie and Matt. The couples kept up the extreme pace and panting like race horses. When they finally worked up enough steam they started screaming, moaning, and pounding each other like they never had before. In a pile of flesh and spewing fluids, they came hard and wildly. Once they were able to breath easy they got up and made themselves another drink, to replenish their bodily fluids if nothing else. Matt laughed when he took a look at Ronnie and himself and remembered an old joke. “If you wake up feeling like you’ve had it, be grateful.” Instead of washing off or rinsing off they remained in their sex spent state, smelling of sex and cum. All sat around talking for a bit, then got up, looked at each other, and decided to go at it again. Ronnie started kissing Susan and Matt and Jim sat back and just watched, for a while. Then Susan sat back on her knees and looked at Ronnie, she then lowered herself down and started to lick, suck, and eat Ronnie’s pussy. Ronnie laid back on the bed and Jim started to fuck Ronnie’s mouth while Matt took to fucking Susan’s ass. Everyone continued at a slow and easy pace, Matt fucking Susan deep and slow, Jim fucking Ronnie’s mouth deep and slow and easy. They kept up the fucking until all blew their loads, then switched to simply fucking their respective partners. Jim and Ronnie, Matt and Susan. They all fucked until they were too sore and raw to fuck any more, then they slept. Late morning they started stirring and each one slowly got up and showered and dressed. They then all went down to the hotel restaurant to the breakfast buffet, BOY, did they need this! After breakfast they all said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Mattv and Susan went back up to their room and changed into their swimsuits and went out to the pool for their final full day in Vegas. They laid back and relived the events of the last several days and thought, “We’ve got to do this again, sometime.” That night was spent quietly, listening to music and packing for the return trip home the following day. They went to dinner and shared a bottle of champagne, toasting the best vacation that they could have ever dreamed of having.
The following morning they checked out of the hotel, returned the rental car, and went to the airport to catch their flight home. Once they got home they decided to wait until the following day to unpack and do laundry and such. Matt went onto the computer and downloaded the pictures he took at the strip club of Susan. He called her back and surprised her when he showed them to her. She was not angry at all, but rather proud of how she looked and moved. Matt had included pictures of Ronnie and Jim just so they could remember their free spirited fun. Susan’s pussy started to get wet and tingle as she looked at the pictures and reminisced. Suddenly Susan looked at Matt and said, “When can we go back?” Matt looked at Susan’s broad smile and laughed.

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